Deceits - Tideless

by Deceits

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released December 20, 2013

Release No: BHR003
Melodic Hardcore from Herne/Bochum
Music & Lyrics by Deceits



all rights reserved


Beyond Hope Records Germany

Independent Record Label based in Europe!

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Track Name: Into the Night
swig down one more drink, i still can feel.
again iam drowning my sins, my deepest regrets,
i feel the weight of my failures / insight drives me insane.
dazing this frame of mind / unconcerned i dance to the beat
i am letting everything go.
picture perfect smiles, playing fast and loose tonight.
backfill my jar, i still fucking feel / liquid gleam of hope
i can neither sleep nor breathe
i' ve passed out to drown my memories.i plunge into the night. fuck.
cant stop living in circles / i suffer defeat again and again
listen up, they are playing our song.
Track Name: Morning Lights
Morning light crushes the night, dawn strokes my face, while i am walking on
step by step with darkness at my side.
the night comes to an end, but nothing even feels better.
this world still appears in grey like early-morning haze.
blindfolded i am facing tomorrow a new/ just whispering one desperate wish:
today everything is fine.
i' ve tried to drown my sins, to be more than i ever could be, fooled you and me.
unfortunatly I come to realize:
pain is limited, but this man's soul is so fucking endless.
I am in love with self-deceit, but reality rolls over me like the morning crushes the night.
my illusion crumbles like roses that bloom and decay
morning light reveals more than these eyes can see.
Track Name: On Detours
hello darkness, my good old friend, we havent talked for far too long.
your embrace slowly passes by, so many times you filled me in.
but now we'll go our seperate ways: our history is the diary of an awful past.
hello darkness, hold onto me tonight.
pull me close before I slip away.
i've turned from you, but it might not be too late,
because every night reminds me of everything I never had.
time has left me behind.
hello darkness,my good old friend, we' ve spent so much time,
but havent talked for far too long.
every night i've made it home, 'sometimes' became every time.
you teach me to feel warm in the cold/ to be a dead loss.
aren't these words yours?
'if you' re sick of standing, just fall.'
'if you' re tired of walking, just remain.'
and i've just tried to be you/ tried to be you
but we' ve drifted apart,
i'm so sick of you/ sick of waiting for nothing.
goodbye darkness, my good old friend,
right now there's nothing more to say.
we've spent so much time and walked astray.
kiss me goodbye, from now on i'll travel alone.