Half Sight / In Arms - Split

by Half Sight / In Arms

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released July 31, 2014

Please Note: Atlas have recently changed their name to 'Half Sight', but the vinyl pressing will remain untouched.

Release No: BHR016
Music & Lyrics by Half Sight / In Arms



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Track Name: Half Sight - Know Hope
When you look in the mirror, what is it that you see – a reflection of the child that you once used to be or a broken old man losing sight of their dreams? Once an angel in your mothers eyes, that’s all that you'd be; now a demon that's thriving from a skyline of greed. I am the light that's there to guide you home – the distant echo of a voice you used to know. The bitter taste of a life that brought you everything, that you've now clouded with visions only a heartless man could see. There's no hiding from the green in your eyes, your wages paid by the worlds misfortune. Death is no longer something that we fear inside – you've already made us feel like we've died a fucking thousand times.

Can you remember when love was worth more than anything you ever earned? But with every penny spent it seems there's a lesson you never learnt. The ink bleeds on the cheques but the proceeds amount to nothing but eternal fees. The debts breed but the world sees how we'll fall victim to eternal greed. You turned your back on a world that they'd rather forget – a stranger in a life that you chose to neglect.
Track Name: Half Sight - The Strength In Us
We bared our scars for all to see, with no shame just our hearts worn proudly on our sleeves. Drained of everything that we have you can pick away at every scab, but you will never bleed us of our love. The cuts may have healed and the storm has blown over, but with a slight gust of wind the knives could again dig in deep. The life we had on offer was one I would’ve rather refused. Your solace in booze, a father that I hardly knew – no point left to prove, just the bastard that we always knew.

But I had no choice and she had no say, so we cast our hearts in plaster and made our love our wealth – then together hand in hand we walked the paths you never dared to walk yourself. Your last chance rose with the glass then sinks with the beer, you swallowed every memory of every moment you held dear. The whiskey stains but the bottle wont smash, with every sip you kid yourself it’s the last. Another prisoner of choices time will never mend.
Track Name: In Arms - Bleed Me Out
Gripping me,
She said she'd shelter me,
Didn't think you'd make me bleed,

I never doubted, I should of seen,
What you would do to me,

Pains down one side,
Ripped apart from the inside,
The aches I've felt,
Im far from struggling,
Fuck your past it's better off been dead.
It's better off been dead,

This could only mean one thing
You're crushing my surroundings,

Could this be another sleepless night,
This pressure builds within my head,
I pray, I beg
Lay me to rest,

Walk this life for an eternity,
In my dreams I'm tossing and turning,
I tried so hard,
But you're the only one,

This life is slipping away,
Just like the ground beneath my feet,
When it crumbles away so unkindly,
What do you see,
It's just cruelty,

Walk this life for an eternity,
In my dreams I'm tossing and turning,
I tried so hard,
But you're the only one
Track Name: In Arms - Asphyxia
All these memories still haunt my dreams
From the moment I wake up to the second I sleep
And they said our love is dead
What the fuck goes on in their head

I can't fucking breathe
What you doing to me
A lovely year we've had
Grateful for the times we've shared
What you doing to me
I can barely breathe

Caught wandering through time and space
All alone in this empty place

Try harder, learn faster, to erase my disgrace
As the days grow shorter
Our souls pulled in closer

This is a sin
To live, to hurt, to feel like this
Such a shame you hate the things you can't feel

What you doing to me
I can barely breathe
A lovely year we've had
Grateful for the times we've shared