Road To Manila - Oars

by Road To Manila

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released December 14, 2014

'Oars' and 'Reflect' have been newly mastered since the digital Split-EP with Elephantis, so it's definitely worth a listen.
Music & Lyrics of 'Oars' and 'Reflect' by Road To Manila.
'Perth' was written by Bon Iver and performed by Road To Manila.

Recorded at Dead Rat Studios / Mastered by Audiosiege Sonic Engineering



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Track Name: Oars
We move on the waters of awareness and emotion,
No questions about the will or issues at hand.
So cast the oars and map to the wind,
and follow me through this journey across the surface of our unconscious.

When we’re as one, we light up the nights
we close the doors and we become ourselves,
still knowing that there’s someone nearby.
I feel so calm, I feel so at home, yet knowing that I’m faraway.
I finally know whom I can trust and whom I should leave behind.

Sometimes we find it hard to see eye to eye, and to glimpse the end of it all,
in hindsight we always find ourselves at the top of everything.
This is what I desire, this is what I need.

And If we one day should separate; you will always know where to find me.
‘Cause no matter how strong these oars were built,
They will never break as long as they still pair.
And If we one day should separate; you will always know where to find me.

You always know where to find me, always find me

When we’re as one, we light up the nights
Track Name: Reflect
You’re a shadow of a wolf feeding upon the life of others,
Hiding deep inside the darkness pretending to be something that you’re not.
Take off your mask and reveal yourself,
let me know what’s hidden within.

Don’t forget who you are and where you’re from.
If they tear you apart, then there’s no way back.
Don’t let the demons within control your world.
Only death can save you from this reality.

You’re nothing but an imitation of your surroundings,
Mirrored in the eyes of a thousand blind windows.
You tend to forget about yourself,
Can you see yourself in the reflection?

You seek out the light to escape anxiety.
The only place to rest is in the dark.
So close your eyes and fade away.
I’m sickened by your morality.
Track Name: Perth
Words by Bon Iver.