I Saw Daylight / Deceits - Split

by I Saw Daylight / Deceits

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released May 1, 2015

Release No: BHR022
Music & Lyrics by I Saw Daylight / Deceits



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Beyond Hope Records Germany

Independent Record Label based in Europe!

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Track Name: I Saw Daylight - Cope and Wither
Just hold me close, is this really happening?
What hurts the most is losing someone you continuously need, I suppose
How many times you have saved me, no one knows
And I have turned to stone, when I realized you would go, just to let you know

I´m still counting the freckles, on your face and your skin
One for every mistake I´ve made, I´m counting my sins
For all I did wrong, there is no excuse
I can´t turn back time, but I wish I could

My sins are uncountable, I keep starring with hungry eyes
I´ve ignored and rejected my fear and my anger
I´m drowning in my own lies
More than ever I need to reflect what it means to be cold
and the warmth will never reach me again

I have to accept what I did, what I am
to understand that I´m truly broken
I need nothing more but a heart in my chest
to start my life anew

Just hold me close, when it´s happening
when I´m losing you, when it hurts the most
when I feel unloved, undeserving, broken
Just hold me close, as you promised me
tell me where to go, where do I belong
Track Name: I Saw Daylight - Blue Lips
Where has everything gone we once planted so deeply
and watered with our tears to help it grow
I can´t tell how close we have been before we have turned
in different directions we just kept walking without turning back
and if our paths should cross again, we will be perfect strangers

I remember so very well
all those lies we have told to ourselves
and I swear it was never the truth
I´ll hold my breath until my lips turn blue

From the back of my lungs I´m trying to breathe but I can´t
On the tip of my tongue only lies, bit by bit everything in me dies
You´ve asked so many times but I couldn´t give you the answer
I´ve wasted too many chances, you deserve something better

In the back of my head we have reached a dead end
and the love we once shared will be buried again

If we fall, no one will follow
We will lie on the ground, we all lie

I remember so very well
all those lies we have told to ourselves
and I swear it was never the truth
I´ll hold my breath until my lips turn blue

I swear if I tell you the truth, my lips will be blue
Track Name: Deceits - Junction
No red that colors your heart anymore.
Just conscious passiveness braces the awareness of old
pictures, promises and the same fucking feelings we can't repeat.
so at least I got it: the man in the mirror is the one I should hate the most.
I ended up where I have started. ruined it this far, won't ruin the rest.
emptiness is troubling my mind – incompleteness poisons my body.
I won't ever forget that this sinner's soul was freed from the abyss of perdition
by your wavering hands.
so regardless of the burden that the past contained,
but newfound confidence turned into pride that had a fall.
this unpredictable feeling in two minds – realization of loss and great expectations.
I am striving for this lifes "why" to coherre with the "how",
but fallacy is the only reason I know.
I breathe in, I breathe out.
every bittersweet teardrop tells me that love was not enough.
trying to be more than me was not enough.
the play of colors was not enough.
Track Name: Deceits - Gallows
Even every mind is a hideout, every word a mask.
so what if every word is said, every line written and every song is sung?
talking is a means to hide away yourself. instead of whishing others to know me,
I try to fool everybody else just to be much of the muchness.
I have fallen out with myself just by my words.
sticks and stones may break my bones, but words unhinged the pretended best of me.
the inner certainty of doing the right things.
so we keep dancing like lovers, talking like strangers – wordless hymn of the night.
I' ve got into dumbness to be past it - to look behind these blue eyes and finally see what I could have, should have and never been.
fucking diehard.
it's all about the little things. I know this.