Shattered Lions - Empty Handed Heavy Hearted

by Shattered Lions

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www.shatteredlions (dot) bigcartel (dot) com


released December 19, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Felix Kroiß
Drums recorded with Harald Heinl
Mastered by Moritz Spahn (Beast Audio)
Artwork by Sebastian Lux
All songs written and performed by Shattered Lions



all rights reserved


Beyond Hope Records Germany

Independent Record Label based in Europe!

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Track Name: Empty Handed Heavy Hearted
Birth. Childhood. Wasted Youth. Adolescence.
Autonomy. Aging. Maturity. Death.
Our life begins. We are born with nothing.
Longing for success, the pursuit of happiness.
We spend our lives starving for attention.
Wasting away, looking forward in suspension.
The highest aim is to reach knowledge, to become independent
And to stabilize. To establish in our society
Framing up your own empire to assure a prosperous lifetime.
Standing on your own two feet being able to care for your loved ones.
And as I wander through all the stages of life
I realize that everything I do is with the best intentions.
Though I am:
Empty Handed Heavy Hearted
Track Name: November (I - Absence)
The clouds are dark these days.
I am surrounded by gloomy haze.
My soul is blackened and I am trapped
In the eye of the storm.
The sky is turning black.
The ground already cloaked in leaves.
Vitality is lost.
Bittersweet melancholy.

So will the pain inside of me
Become the price I have to pay?
Thus the anger in my head.
And the blood, sweat and tears I’ve shed.

Making others believe that we are fine
Is what our society is driven by.
We’re longing for attention
And warding off from reality.

That’s how my life will always be
So take my heart and set me free.
Broken soul, broken hopes.

I can’t move on.
My time is running out
And I’m directionless.
I will leave this place as a burnt out shell.
I guess the light will never shine for me.

Another nail in the coffin.
Another foot in the grave.
At times I feel like giving up on this.
Another nail in the coffin.
Another foot in the grave.
My life is ending.
I am drifting away.

November’s looming.
It’s this time of the year again
The greater part is over.
No hope, no hope for me.
I am approaching the final hours
Yet there’s no end in sight.
My time is running out and I am directionless
Track Name: Loneliness, Emptiness (II - Existence)
Although I’m surrounded by many
There’s on phrase describing me:
Empty Handed Heavy Hearted
I am alone.

And if this feeling deep inside of me will last
I will forever cling onto my past.
Spending my days alone and cold.
What we went through and the stories we told.

The distance between us feels like a cure
And is saving me from my apathy.
But staying away is killing me.
Love was always a promise that the world gave to me.
Yett right now I’d rather choose my own demise
Instead of proving empty pledges.
Loneliness, emptiness.
My thoughts are drifting like a ship
Never supposed to find its way back home.

Although we’re surrounded by many
There is on phrase describing us:
Empty Handed Heavy Hearted
We are alone.
Track Name: Idyllude
We face the bitter truth.
Track Name: The Bitter Truth
I’ve always been a naïve child.
Never doubted humanity
Until the end of the year.
I’ve found it out the hard way.

Only chosen few left to rely on.
Now aware of your sense of treachery.
You betrayed us for your own benefits
Opened our eyes towards reality.
In a moment of realization
We face the bitter truth.
Dark memories in retrospect
We face the bitter truth.

You made me go through hell,
Made me forget my happiness,
Made me believe I was worthless and shallow
To appear as a prestigious fellow.
Our faces still aching due to the smiles we’re faking.

As a result of my unease I refused to stay awake.
Rather lingering in dreams than ever living for the days.Our faces still aching; due to the smiles we were faking
For no one but you.
We face the bitter truth.
Track Name: Moving On
One thing’s for sure.
This life is real, my love is pure.
But at the end of the day
we all will fade away.
I know I’ve said this all once before.
But I won’t follow their ideals anymore.

I’m honestly so sick and tired of meeting the expectations of others.
I’m just approaching to be the best possible man that I can only be.

No more masters. No more self-proclaimed mentors.
I’m finally moving on. I’ve set myself free.

Another year’s gone by and I started questioning myself
Am I the person I wanted to be when I look in the mirror?
A year overflown with incidents. A year overflown with vigilance.
Have I become the one I always wanted to be?
I’ve set myself free. Detaching from the herd.
When I look in the mirror..
I have set myself free. What have I become?

Moving on – So afraid of what’s to come.
Moving on – Not knowing where I’m going.
Made a cut in life. Changed the direction.
Now heading for higher aims to escape your negativity.

Well, this is my life. Now I make my own rules.
I have set myself free. Detaching from the herd.
MOVING ON – a former blind follower
MOVING ON – now turned out as a leader
If you ever wonder where you’ll find me – I am finally moving on!