Tides Denied - Remedy

by Tides Denied

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released April 13, 2014

Release No: BHR006
Music & Lyrics by Tides Denied
Co-Release with Backbite Records



all rights reserved


Beyond Hope Records Germany

Independent Record Label based in Europe!

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Track Name: Won't Turn my Back
How many times i drowned myself in thoughts
How long does it take to start and how long until we fall
Is it pointless to dream
Is it pointless to feel
There's not enough water to let us sink
Not enough to let us drown
But enough to let us grow
And i won't step back

This earth spins so fast
But you and me still stick together while the world falls apart
Just let me know how long it takes to fall

David (Gone To Waste):
I won't turn my back on all my friends
I go on because this is the only place i know that i fit in
Track Name: Never Rust
This world is going insane
Your watch pinches off your veins
Tight schedules take charge of you
They drag on and you drown in a swamp of wasted hours
It seems you're bound to stay forever
Break free and enjoy yourself

Everyday you run in circles
The chains will never rust by itself

Expectations i didn't live up to
And all the deadlines i've passed
Just make me feel alive

Expectations i din't live up to
All the promises i couldn't keep
Keep me alive
Track Name: Enough
You don't need to talk i see it in your eyes
Cause i know you inside out and you never got me right
Your eyes are dull and your lies are getting cheap
So don't wonder why i turn my back and leave

My life's too short and times are getting tough
So shut your mouth and listen, i've heard enough
You're shit on my shoes, i never appreciated you
Cause all you said to me was never true
Track Name: Stuck
Take a Look at this town and ask for a meaning
What's the deal with these bars that are holding me down
No chance to escape, no reason to stay
I've got something inside that nee ds to differ from you

Cause you are still the same
Fool i wish i never knew
You are stuck

These blood-shot eyes are nothing but a remedy
To make up for the times i forget about my sanity
You've never changed, you're stuck in the past
I never chose to be a part of you

I'm waking up again cause it's pointless to dream
When there's no one that you're looking forward to see
Same faces, same places, this life is just cruel
This town was ruined by this mass of ignorant fools
Track Name: Good Times
The days we spend locked in a car
Squashed on the backseat we're driving too far
We swap our beds for waking up sore
It feels exciting when you slam your fucking door
We leave it all behind for a night or maybe more

These are the times
We realize
That there is more
Than to wait until we die

And when you arrive to a basement full of friends
You finally know that the time you spent makes sense
Long rides at night, aching backs and tired eyes
Make us feel alright

We will take back what routine steals
This is the only time we feel
Track Name: Another Night
Broken fangs drill into my skull
Inject a poison that dulls my eyes
I'm losing grip, i'm losing my tounge
It's just another night caught between streetlights

Directed by instincts
Blue light stains the streets
I end up all alone
This town's gonna swallow me whole

There's emptiness
Inside my chest
A place called home?
There's nothing left

Niels (Reapers Path):
No room, no place, no time
Is this a way out of the maze of a boring life?
It's so confusing, it's so distorted
Will it end someday or will i regret what i forget?